General Site Policies and Terms of Service

General Guidelines and Site Policies:

We are a search engine optimization company (SEO) that offers web design and important factors required to rank websites higher in Google and other search engines. Just by landing on and beginning to surf/browse our website – you have agreed to the basic policies on this page.

Additionally, when you are under contract with us or are using our services in anyway at all – you have implied your consent to agree with all policies, rules and guidelines on this website:


Website Design, Video Creation, or SEO Services:

SEO Services: SEO is a unique process of optimizing and preparing your website in a method or manner where Google (and other search engines) are more likely to rank you higher in search engine rankings. The result and end goal is that your website will show up in searches more often and higher than your competitors’ websites – thereby giving you more online visibility, more online traffic, more leads, sales, etc..

SEO is a process, it takes time, and it encompasses multiple phases and time to achieve the desired effects and end goals. Anyone that tells you SEO is an instant or overnight effect is leading you astray. While we make general assumptions of “time to complete our SEO tasks” or “time before the results of our work will occur” – those are only “best estimates” and are completely out of our control. Numerous things can happen to disrupt our work – such as: Google changing their algorithm, your website host or server has outages, acts of God, etc..

Website Design and Other Services: Each and every service we provide is entwined with and involves standard SEO principles. Websites we build, videos we create and rank – everything we do involves SEO. Once again, we handle each and every client and web property as if it were our own property and we will always uphold and present your business in the highest of standards. But even then, we are not responsible for events such as (but not limited to): hacking of your site by third parties, negative SEO by competitors, outages or changes in policy or procedure by your website host or owners of 3rd party and social websites.


Payments for Our Services:

As stated above, we handle each and every website or internet property of our clients as if it were our own property. We put all that we can into the timely, professional, and skilled completion of all tasks and services for which you have paid. Again, because these services overlap, intertwine, and work together for the greater good of your online presence – there are always services being performed on your website or social properties when you enter into payment with us.

30 or 60 Day Payments: The explanation above shows that our clients are always benefiting from some portion of work we are completing. This also means that work we’ve done in the beginning of the month may not take complete affect in search engine rankings until another 2 to 6 weeks after our work has been completed. Therefore, in all fairness, even after you stop our services it is safe to say that you will still be benefiting from the work we have performed for at least another 30 to 60 calendar days. Because of this fact, there are no refunds on payments made in 30 or 60 day intervals. This applies to payments made in cash, by check, by PayPal or processed through our site’s checkout system. Once the payment has been made – it is considered final and non-refundable even if the client chooses to leave our services the next day.

6 Month or Annual Payments: For those customers of ours that choose to make discounted 6 month or annual payments in advance of the work we do for them – refunds will be offered on a pro-rated basis.


Terms of Service Summary:

In general, we’re honest, we’re here for you and your business, we’ll always do our best to over-deliver on any service you order from us – but we do like to be paid for our services and all short term (30 or 60 day) payments are non-refundable unless otherwise stated so in an active contract.