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What do we do? We help you get first page Google (and other search engine) rankings by combining our 18+ years of search engine optimization into everything we do. We care about each and every new client we get and we treat each client (big or small) as if we were working on our own website.

Right now, we’re offering you a low-priced and 100% affordable way to get more customers to your website, to get more phone calls and sales, and to make more money while you CRUSH your local Idaho competition.

We’re experts in the realm of giving Google what they want to sky-rocket your online search engine rankings and this is the lowest price we’ve ever offered for our monthly SEO services (search engine optimization).

So, please, take a moment to read what we have for you below – and then decide that you want to DOMINATE your local Idaho competitors and boost your business revenue through the roof!


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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the process of making sure that your website is “optimized and ready” for Google (and other) search engines to index your site. Indexing is simply the process of listing your site in the appropriate spots, positions, or directories so that when internet users SEARCH for a certain relative keyword (or keyword phrase) – the search engine is able to show them relative and useful results.

>> What kind of businesses did we contact?

- hard-working small and mid-sized local Idaho businesses with a good online reputation
- businesses that have tried with their websites - but we know we can push them higher on Google
- businesses that are well established, putting their best foot forward, and who are trying hard to succeed
- businesses that are regularly wasting money on Google Adwords, Home Advisor, Thumbtack or display advertising
- businesses that should be ranking higher on Google Searches and Google Map listings - but are not
- because of their low Google rankings - businesses that are losing new customers and giving away money to their competitors
- businesses that have "weaker" competitor websites out-ranking them in local Google searches. We know how to solve this!
- businesses that have design errors or SEO structure issues on their website
- businesses that are being penalized by Google; thereby losing out on DAILY online traffic and revenue

>> What can we do for your Idaho business?

- We rebuild or repair websites to comply with everything Google wants for your website to succeed online.
- We inject powerful SEO techniques, principles, and tactics into your website and increase your online rankings exponentially.
- We use Google Search and Map listings to push NEW AND EXCLUSIVE leads to your business.
- We save you BIG BUCKS on money wasted on Google Adwords, Home Advisor or Thumbtack!
- We'll put your website ahead of local competitors that are stealing your customers!
- Our clients get up to 70 percent more online traffic and phone calls than their competitors that rank poorly.
- We rank your website high across ALL Treasure Valley cities - not just the city you're located in.
- We create and rank powerful advertising VIDEOS that target your specific keywords and service areas or cities.
- We make your competition wonder WHAT THE HECK you did to pass them in Google search results!

>> What can we tell you about SEO?

- You've probably been hounded, called, or spammed by SEO companies when they really do not have the means or the skills - or the right intentions for helping you to succeed.
- We've been building and doing SEO for 18+ years (longer than Google has been a search engine) (1997).
- We have insider SEO contacts, we know advanced SEO tactics - and you get all of our SEO knowledge and power INSTANTLY when you start working with us.
- We routinely boost our clients above the clients of other SEO agencies - our clients get more online traffic, new leads, more business, and more sales.
- We're very aggressive in our online ranking and we want to help you ABSOLUTELY CRUSH your local Idaho competitors.
- SEO is a process - it is not an "overnight" action or solution. But still, we usually get our clients hundreds of NEW first page Google rankings within the first 100 days.
- SEO is here to stay. ALL OF the top 1,000 Fortune businesses now have SEO departments. If your website is not properly and aggressively SEO optimized - you will surely lose the online race and your business will never grow to what it should be...

>> What to do right now... What's your next step?

- Decide that Facebook and other social websites are merely wasting your time and are keeping you from making your website stronger. If Facebook shuts down tomorrow - will customers be able to find your business? ...Do you remember "My Space?"
- Decide to STOP YOUR COMPETITORS from stealing your online business. - See what it's like to be at the top of Google for a change!
- Be honest with yourself and decide if your website rankings are "being all they can be." Your website is a driving force of your business and needs to be actively working for you - otherwise, it's just taking up space on the internet and it is damaging your business credibility. Customers EXPECT to see you at the top of Google - or they will simply choose a competitor that is...
- Decide to join us - join the winning team! Let us work for you, build and maintain your website, and rank it HIGH ON GOOGLE while you focus on actually running your business and watching it grow.

- Fill out the quick form below and tell us that you're ready to get top Google rankings. We'll go back and do another thorough analysis of your website for FREE - and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We'll lay out the strong and weak points of your website and what we can do to help you.

- Thank you for your time to answer our call for this special invitation. No other SEO company in Idaho can beat WHAT WE'RE ABOUT TO OFFER YOU or our ability to rank our clients to the top of Google!

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Let's CRUSH your competition!