Videos build trust. Your customers like videos.

Oh – yes… Videos are taking the internet by storm and you know it. You’re lucky if you can find a CNN news article that has writing in it or a story to read. It seems like 9 times out of 10 they just stick you in front of a video to watch rather than to take the time to type out their stories.

  • Your customers have grown accustomed to this.
  • Your customers expect this.
  • Your customers have fast mobile devices just so they can watch videos.
  • Your customers are busy and they’re in a hurry.
  • Your customers want their information and they want it fast.

If your customers cannot find the information, products, or services they need on your website – then your competitor’s website is just a swipe or a click away from them. Refuse to fall behind in the game; don’t lose customers because your site is not properly optimized or it is not mobile ready and responsive.

Google already knows more about your site than you do and they will penalize your site’s search engine rankings in a heartbeat if they find it is failing or violating any of their search engine algorithms.


Videos are GREAT for your business and website search engine optimization

Videos? We’re guessing that you’ve watched a few of them on the internet lately. Whether your local news station, CNN, the Weather Channel, or even on YouTube – you’ve probably seen your fair share of videos.

Plus, chances are that someone has given you, sent you, or has shared with you – a viral video or something that “because they liked it” – they thought that you would like it as well. In other words, if you make a really good video, then people (your customers and site visitors) might just send a copy of your video to their friends, relatives, or co-workers.


The bottom line on videos for your website… You need them!

Even if you just have one well-done and professionally created video that says “Welcome to our website – here’s what we can do for you and this is why you should do business with us today.”

If you’re successful in conveying that one simple message in a short video, then you’ve created a solid bond and have immediately earned trust from your potential customers.

A fun video we made for our site:

Still pictures or images – vs. – “videos” on your website:

As the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words” – everyone knows that is a true statement. A picture tells a story that can take you a long time to “type out” or to “write by hand” – but a picture just kind of “SPLATS YOUR MESSAGE” out there for all to see.

Better yet, a picture can be seen with the naked eye and can break boundaries in communication, different languages, or even for people with learning or sight disabilities. Bottom line, a picture is understood by many where as spoken and written words take longer to convey the same exact message.


Videos turn up the volume on your website!

Now, let’s take what we’ve already agreed upon for “still images or pictures” and lets RAMP that up 100 times as we compare videos. A simple 30 second video can include thousands of still images if you sliced it up and put it under a microscope. It’s absolutely incredible that our human minds can consume so much information in such a short period, but that is what we’re designed to do.

Therefore, our minds openly welcome videos because they virtually flood us with information – just as if you were speaking to someone (or to a group of people) face to face.

Here’s a quick picture of a slice of pizza that definitely says 1,000 words…but then it is compared to an incredible video about “how to make” the pizza. Which one tells your customers more about what you do?

Here are a few great videos we made for “Treasure Valley Heating and Air Conditioning”

What’s really important is not only the video itself, but also if your video is able to rank high in search engines or on YouTube so that your business can get maximum visibility from it.

The videos we made below accomplish both tasks at once. Why? Because they build TRUST; especially if you have a broken heater or furnace in the winter or a broken air conditioner in hot summer months. Also, they both rank very well in Google and on YouTube so the number on the video gets a lot of phone calls.

Click here: Treasure Valley heating repair (You’ll see it ranking HIGH on Google for that keyword phrase.)

Click here: Nampa Caldwell heating repair (You’ll see it ranking HIGH on Google for that keyword phrase.)