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Newspaper Advertising is Wasteful and Damaging to Your Business…

Take a moment to watch the videos below and if you still don’t get the point – then search on YouTube or Google for “Uses for old newspapers” – and then you’ll see what we’re saying.

Newspaper Advertising Compared to a High Ranking Google Website

Newspaper Advertising: It gets you immediate exposure and out in front of your customers right away. But it is rarely ever targeted traffic and ALL newspapers are very short-lived these days. In other words, most newspapers or coupon advertising newspapers hit the trash can or the recycling bin within an hour of reaching the average household.

Newspaper advertising is not permanent. As soon as you stop paying for ads – you stop getting traffic – it’s just that simple.

Newspaper publishers sometimes purposely LIE about their true circulation numbers. This means that they can tell you 15,000 or 50,000 people are receiving their paper – but they already know that this is outright fraud because their circulation is nowhere near those numbers. – Therefore, you’re losing money and customer visibility before the paper is ever published.

If the BIG NEWSPAPERS are committing “circulation fraud” – then don’t you think the smaller papers might try it? See the links below for yourself:

Newspapers are known for mistakes and misprints all of the time. Not to mention that your ad can be so blurry that the readers can’t see your message or your contact information. So do not hesitate to verify their “circulation counts” and make sure they are telling you the truth. See the two sources below:

High Google Ranking Websites: Your Most Valuable Business Asset!

It’s true! When you own a website, it looks great, and it ranks high in Google and other search engines – there is absolutely no other better or stronger asset for your business.

Google is very good at what they do – and we’re very good at working with Google. So, when we build or fix your website and then rank it to the top of Google – you get unlimited – constant – and highly targeted traffic 24 hours a day.

Your website traffic doesn’t stop like with a newspaper ad. …And, with a high ranking website, you’re right in front of your customers on their cell phones, tablets and mobile devices all day long.

NO ONE takes a newspaper with them when they go shopping.

NO ONE takes their phone book with them when they go shopping.

No, those days are long gone and now customers WANT to find you on their Smartphones right when they need you – or – they’ll quickly click over to your competitor’s website.

Well, if you’ve read this far, then you can see that we made a strong argument for the case against NOT using newspaper advertising – at least not until you’re already profiting off of a strong and high-ranking website…and you have money to waste.

Try these searches and tell us if you’d like to have high rankings like us:

affordable Idaho advertisingWe own over half of the first page of Google + the videos.

affordable Boise advertisingWe own over half of the first page of Google + the videos.

We have hundreds of high-ranking Google searches that bring us loads of traffic all day long – and we NEVER advertise in newspapers of any kind! Definitely something to think about – Contact Us today if you have any questions.

This is simple question that we SECRETLY asked from 10 different Idaho advertising agencies...

Remember, as you read our spy survey below, you'll save thousands when we build your website.

We told 10 different and large Idaho advertising agencies this: "We're a new landscaping business in the Boise area, we needed an 8 page website with common pages like About Us, Home, Contact Us, Services, etc..." And we told them that we needed the website as soon as possible.

Don’t let high web design prices steal your dreams!

Keep that in mind as you read how 10 Idaho agencies answered our question…

  • One ad agency wanted to charge us $5,000 + a $1,200 set-up fee before we even told them about our business.
  • Another website design company quoted us over $6,000 and told us it would take up to 90 days!
  • 2 of the design companies had Contact Forms that didn’t work and couldn’t send our message.
  • Another Idaho advertising agency told us we would be somewhere in the $5,000 to $15,000 price range.
  • Nearly ALL of the advertising agencies were charging $70 to $100 an hour for changes after the website had been made.
  • Nearly ALL of the the ad agencies had a $400 to $600 fee for a “RUSH” job.
  • Nearly ALL of them wanted to charge us monthly hosting fees and lock in our domain under their control.
  • Many of them wanted to “hand-code” our website…which would leave the owner without a way to maintain their website on their own after the purchase.


This one was so special for us that we wanted to post it all by itself:

Hi Tim, Thanks for contacting us. Here are some answers to your questions.

Our minimum engagement is $10K, typically our projects are a 12 week turnaround, and we can work out a monthly maintenance agreement depending on your needs. Typically this is done at a discounted rate of $100/hour.


Thank goodness we were only getting estimates! There’s no way (nor is it wise) that a small start-up landscaper, handyman, plumber, arts and crafts, or consignment store owner can get started with website prices like that!

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