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“Your website needs strong SEO Backlinks.”

The statement above is 100% true! Every website should have a purpose or a mission to accomplish for your business needs. But there is a mystic and ever-changing set of rules that you must follow in order to have your website indexed by Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Look at the image above. It can make you dizzy if you stare at it long enough.


Here’s a short class on SEO Backlinks…

Watch closely, we’re about to make a “backlink” to Wikipedia. Did you see it? Yeah, there’s really not much to “making a backlink” – but if you don’t know what you’re doing – “the wrong backlinks” can ruin your search engine results.

As far as Google is concerned, “backlinks are everything” to the ranking of your website in search engine results. In the example above, where we “backlinked” to Wikipedia – Google sees it as a vote of popularity for Wikipedia. We made the backlink to their site, but they received credit for the backlink.

Now, if you don’t think that is too complicated, then take a look at this snippet of the Google PageRank equation on Wikipedia:

  • Does that look simple?
  • Does that look like something you understand right away?
  • Does that look like something you want to mess up when your website depends on it?

That’s why we’re here – our SEO guys (and gals) can take that code, break it down, and properly apply it to your website to increase your search engine rankings.

A visual example of Boise SEO Google Page Rank

Backlinks: 8 Facts You Need to Know About Them!

But rather than try and explain the entire realm of SEO to you – or even the ever-changing theory of backlinking – we’ll just give you a few bullets about the important aspects of them:

  1. The right backlinks are very good for your website.
  2. The wrong backlinks can totally cripple or destroy your website.
  3. One really – really – really good and powerful backlink might be worth thousands of bad backlinks.
  4. Get yourself a lot of good backlinks too fast – and all of the sudden they’re not good.
  5. Getting backlinks from the wrong places can hurt your website rankings.
  6. Getting backlinks from the right places can help your website rankings.
  7. The way the backlink is written can be either good or bad for your site.
  8. Getting all of your backlinks from the same places can be bad for your site.

So, if you’d like to go out there and start making your own backlinks without knowing exactly what it is that you’re doing, then go right ahead and start today. But if Google doesn’t like the backlinks that you made and they “de-index” your website because of penalties… Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

On the other hand, that just happens to be what we do – we’ve created literally millions and millions of backlinks for our own websites, for our clients’ websites, and we’ve never had a Google penalty or concern over how we did it from the guys at Google.

We understand what Google wants to see in your website’s backlink profile and we know how to carefully get you backlinks that will enhance your website in search engine rankings.

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boise seo - idaho advertising - high google search engine rankings