boise seo - idaho advertising - high google search engine rankings

Your website needs strong search engine optimization.

The statement above is 100% true! Every website should have a purpose or a mission to accomplish for your business needs. But there is a mystic and ever-changing set of rules that you must follow in order to have your website indexed by Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Look at the picture higher on this page. It can make you dizzy if you sit and stare at it long enough.


Look at this example of how SEO is like cooking:

Suppose that you’re not that great of a chef and you’ve never really given any real attention to cooking or following recipes. You can scramble a mean egg and make french toast – but that’s about as far as your cooking skills go.

Then, one day, a total stranger walks up to you, they show you a picture of a full course Italian meal with all of the trimmings, and then they even give you a small taste of each different type of food on the plate.

Now, they lean into you and whisper in your ear that if you can make that same exact dinner within the next 3 hours – that they’ll give you a million bucks! WOW….Could you even begin to believe it?

Could you imagine how good it would feel to stuff a million dollars into your checking account?

But there’s only one problem – a major problem… You don’t know what to use for ingredients, how to mix it together, or how long to cook it. Bummer, it looks like you’ll be out of the million dollars and your meal will be a total disaster.

boise seo - idaho advertising - high google search engine rankings

Now – apply that same concept to SEO and your website…

Can you see what a mess you can make out of your website if you don’t have a good plan, the right ingredients, and a list of how much of what goes where?

You can ruin a great meal by adding too much salt, too much oil, not enough flour, or even by cooking it too long. Much the same, you can totally fry your website if you don’t have enough of the SEOsite building – or backlinking ingredients. Or worse yet, you don’t even know what SEO ingredients you should be using.

  • What needs to go in your META tags and your title tags?
  • What keywords should you use and how many times should you use them on one page?
  • What size images should you use? How fast do your pages load?
  • Can mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) read and render your website?
  • What is a backlink – how do you get them – how many should you get – and from where do you get them?

Do you see where we’re going with this?

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Do you have an Idaho business and a website?

If you do…then – Great Job! At least you’re in the game and you’re off to a wonderful start. It still surprises us how many Idaho businesses do not have a website at all.

Especially when you get into contractors, handymen, and other types of construction work. Yes, we know you guys work hard, but you’re totally missing the point of just how powerful a good website can be for your business.


Real (Physical) Business Property vs. Online or Internet or Virtual Property

Think about this… If you do have your own business but you do not work out of your house – then chances are that you’re renting or leasing “business real estate” – “office space” – or “retail space” so that you have a place to run your business.

You want a solid building built on a good foundation. You want your brick and mortar business to be a place your customers can find. You want your business to be clean and easy for your customers to shop in. Etc., etc., etc.

Well, the same holds true for your “internet business” or your website. You know it’s true… Most people start shopping from their house by doing a search on the internet from their desktop PC, their tablet, or their Smartphone.

These days, it’s not just enough for you to have a website, but you’re going to want a website that is easy to use for your customers whether they choose to use their desktop computer or their mobile devices to find you.


Good search engine optimization allows your customers to FIND you online.

Just because you have a website does not mean that someone can find you on the internet. And just because they’ve been shopping or doing business with you for years does not mean that they will continue to business with you if they learn that you don’t have a website.

A good search engine optimized and friendly website speaks volumes of TRUST to your customers and it lets them know that you’re keeping up with the times.

In fact, Treasure Valley is projected to climb to about 1.2 million people (in population) by the year 2020 – so you can imagine how impacted the internet is going to be in this area when people do local searches.


Why choose us for your Boise or Idaho SEO needs?

Search engine optimization in Idaho, can be a very tricky thing to do for the average business owner. It’s kind of like getting a new bike for your son or daughter and it comes to you in a box with 100 different pieces – screws – nuts and bolts – but it doesn’t come with instructions of any kind.

No matter how good of a mechanic or a builder you are – it’s going to take you a little time to put that bike together.

The same holds true with internet marketing, owning a website, and trying to get your website to show up in Google search engine rankings. But really, we’re not just saying to “show up” in google rankings, but you’ll need to show up IN FRONT OF your customers exactly when they’re searching the web.


Go ahead… try this Google search test if you dare.

First, pretend like you’re one of your customers and you’re about to go out shopping for the day – or out to use a local service. Now, jump inside your customer’s mind, grab your cell phone or Smartphone, and conduct a search for a few keywords relating to the products or services you sell.

If you found your website in the first page Google search results – then GOOD JOB – that is great! There’s not many businesses that can pass that test without at least having put some time and effort into search engine optimization for their website.

boise seo - idaho advertising - high google search engine rankings

Look at how we pass the Google search test…

If you take a look at these searches on Google for “affordable Boise advertising” or “affordable Idaho advertising” – you’ll see that…

We’re at the top of Google for both of them.

In fact, out of all of Idaho advertising agencies, those two searches prove that we know how to rank our site for high quality keywords, which in turn – brings us a lot of internet traffic, site visitors, and new customers or leads.

  • At the time of writing this blog post – we actually had the first 4 spots on Google for “affordable Idaho advertising.”
  • …and at one time, when it first posted, we had the first 8 spots on page one of Google for that term – pretty impressive!

Yes, you can see on the two pages above that our site, and our Facebook page, are shown above major sites like ( – the billboard company), The Boise Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau, Boise Craigslist, and other large sites.


Did you find your current advertisers on that page?

Probably not…

Think about it, you didn’t see the Idaho Statesmen, The Idaho Press Tribune, Boise Weekly, – or fly-by-night magazines like the Treasure Valley Parent’s Guide or Treasure Valley Family magazine.

  • You also didn’t see any radio or TV stations in those two searches…but you did see our site.

So we’ve thoroughly proved our point.

Not only did we beat the pants off of those larger sites, but we charge far less than they do when you decide that you want your local Idaho business to be listed on our site or that you want us to help you with website video creation or search engine optimization.

So you see, if you know how properly use search engine optimization – you can push your online properties to the top of search results and ahead of your competition.


But you can’t do it if (1) – You don’t have a website, and (2) – You don’t know how SEO really works.

That’s where we come into the picture. Just ask us. We can help you get more out of your website, we can help you bring new visitors to your site or to your physical business property.

We’re affordable, we care about your business, we’re friendly to work with, and we’ve already shown you that we can get results.

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