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What do we do? We help you get first page Google (and other search engine) rankings by combining our 16+ years of search engine optimization into everything we do. We care about each and every new client we get and we treat each client (big or small) as if we were working on our own website.

Don’t worry, we don’t plan on robbing you blind like other Idaho, or dreaded out of state, advertising agencies will do to you. No, in contrast, we care about each and every business client we serve – whether corporate-sized or small business owners – we never focus on “pure profit.”

Instead, we believe in PURE VALUE, and with giving more value to our customers… brings… more customers our way! We make our profits from our high volume of service – we don’t try and make a killing off of each new client that walks in the door! Hire us today for peace of mind and financial bliss in your SEO endeavors.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the process of making sure that your website is “optimized and ready” for Google (and other) search engines to index your site. Indexing is simply the process of listing your site in the appropriate spots, positions, or directories so that when internet users SEARCH for a certain relative keyword (or keyword phrase) – the search engine is able to show them relative and useful results.


Why the Google Search Engine is Different?

(1) More people (about 75% of all internet users) search with Google; (2) Google actually cares about the search results it shows to you – their users; and (3) Google has many rules built into their algorithm to keep people from “cheating or spamming” their search engine. – Therefore, if you’re going to rank high in Google search engine results, you’d better be playing by their rules.

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If it's powerful for your website - we know how to do it!

Get High Google Rankings…

It’s true! We help local Idaho businesses get top Google search rankings and Google map listings. If you have a stale website that is not bringing you a steady flow of new customers – then contact us today and let us help your phone ring off the hook. The difference of having bad Google rankings vs. being at the top of Google searches can literally make or break a business. Refuse to lose – and let us help you CRUSH your competition today.

Claim Your Piece of Google Pie!

When people search for a keyword phrase on Google – your business needs to be on that first page of search results. See how we own ALL of the top spots for SEO Treasure Valley? We’re spoiled, we want things fast, we want our search results and we want them now! Generally speaking, the first 3 spots on the first page of Google (along with the Map results) – get most of the clicks. We put your business on the first page.

Join Us – Crush Your Competitors!

When you work with us, you’ll find that we’re highly aggressive (in a good way), we communicate well, we keep you informed, and we handle your business and website as if it were our own at all times. We have a strong and talented network of SEO experts that team together and create a plan for the success of your website. Most customers see an increase in rankings within the first 2 weeks of working with us. We are the cutting edge of SEO.

Location – Location – Location…

Every business owner knows that the “location of your business” is crucial to your success. If you your competitor is on the corner of a big city block but you’re stuck out 2 miles into the desert where no one can see you – your competitor will get more new customers and more sales. The same is true with the internet. We give you a better location, multiple new locations, and powerful locations for your customers to find you online.

We’ve got a plan for your website.

First, we’ll do an in-depth analysis on your website while focusing on your business goals. We quickly improve on your website’s weak points, we get it up to Google standards, and then we get the wheels turning and start making it stronger in all areas. SEO is a process and it takes time. We keep you informed every step of the way and we focus on YOUR business goals. Join us today; we’re sure to make a good team.

Choose us – Crush Competitors!

ACE IN THE HOLE: “Something held privately in reserve until needed, esp for a winning stroke; a hidden reserve or advantage…” Yes, that’s us, and your competition won’t know what hit them when we’re done. Many times, your website will look clean and innocent as if you have not made any changes. But the work we do behind the scenes can be SEEN BY GOOGLE and that is what makes all the difference.

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