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If you’re an old Pro at SEO (search engine optimization) then you know the language well – and you know that the language keeps changing as weeks, months and years go by.

However, if you’re totally new to this strange language of “SEO” – then it can be intimidating at best. You know what we mean, you start a new business in Idaho, you’re excited about every part of it, you have a logo created, you’ve spent your hard earned cash on a website, and you’ve even submitted your site to search engines.


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…But weeks go by and nothing happens. What’s going on?

…You’ve got a website for your business. Isn’t that enough?

  • Uh, we hate to tell you this, but – No – that’s not enough these days and the list of things you need to do is getting longer.

No, to give your website all it needs, there are a lot (and we mean A LOT) of different factors that need to happen before people will start to see your website on search engines.


Try our FREE SEO Audit Tool Below: Start getting the answers you need.

So, to give you a quick, yet detailed, peek into your website’s search engine optimization health – take a spin on our new and shiny SEO audit tool below.

Simply fill out the information in the form below, give us your best email address, and submit the form to start our SEO engine. It will churn out a long list of things you should be doing on your website – and you’ll get loads of valuable information from it.

Remember to contact us should you need any help in fixing the errors you see on your report. If there is any way we can help you to understand the report or to completely dominate your competition – we’re fired up and ready to go!


How to fill out the form fields:

  1.  Enter your website’s URL like this: (.org – .net – etc.)
  2.  Put in a keyword, or keyword phrase you’re trying to rank for: “Nampa landscaping” or “Idaho Falls Florist” …. etc., etc.
  3.  Click on the “+ Competitor” link if you want to compare your site with a local competitor.
  4.  Then, enter in your best email address, your name, and then click the SCAN NOW button.
  5.  The SEO audit engine will begin to gather data and the whole process takes just about one minute.

Then, the completed results will show on the page and a copy of the results will be sent to your email address.

Good Luck! – Let’s get started below…


What’s Your SEO Score?

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