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Multiple first page results on Google. Our website is #1, our Facebook page is #2, we have 2 videos on the first page, and two results for our website – AND – we own the top AND ONLY Google maps spot for this search term.

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Very simply put – the last time we checked this term – we had 8 out of 10 first page Google results! When is the last time you’ve ever seen a business (any kind of business) with 8 out of 10 first page Google results?

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We have about SIX first page results on Google. We own the first 4 spots to include our website (, our Facebook page, a video, and a few other sites where we are featured.

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We own the ONLY Google Map Result and we own the first spot on the first page of Google. We also have a video in the 3rd place spot.

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We thought it was important to rank high for this keyword phrase in case anyone was trying to improve their website – and we must have over-killed a little – because now WE OWN all 10 spots on the first page of Google.

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We own the #1 spot on Google (our video), and then we have another 4 results on the first page to include our Facebook page and our website.

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We own the one and only Google Map spot, the first 4 spots on the first page, and about 2 other spots lower on the first page Google results.

Treasure Valley Bubble Ball rentals

This is something we did for fun. We created these videos (the first 3 spots on Google) and pointed them to our “Things to do in Treasure Valley” page on our site –

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We own the #1 spot on Google and also a video lower on the page.

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We own the #1 Google Map spot, two out of the first 3 spots, and our YouTube video is lower on the first page.

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