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What do we do? We help you get first page Google (and other search engine) rankings by combining our 16+ years of search engine optimization into everything we do. We care about each and every new client we get and we treat each client (big or small) as if we were working on our own website.

Don’t worry, we don’t plan on robbing you blind like other Idaho, or dreaded out of state, advertising agencies will do to you. No, in contrast, we care about each and every business client we serve – whether corporate-sized or small business owners – we never focus on “pure profit.”

Instead, we believe in PURE VALUE, and with giving more value to our customers… brings… more customers our way! We make our profits from our high volume of service – we don’t try and make a killing off of each new client that walks in the door! Hire us today for peace of mind and financial bliss in your SEO endeavors.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the process of making sure that your website is “optimized and ready” for Google (and other) search engines to index your site. Indexing is simply the process of listing your site in the appropriate spots, positions, or directories so that when internet users SEARCH for a certain relative keyword (or keyword phrase) – the search engine is able to show them relative and useful results.

“The best place to hide a dead body

is on the second page of Google”

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"We totally crush our competition and our goal is to help you crush yours!" We're affordable, talented, and we have a good habit of "over-delivering."

"A site without SEO is like a ship in the ocean without a rudder - or even a sail. We can give you the direction you need to get more customers in the door."

"SEO is your friend when you get it right, but it can ruin you if you get it wrong. Let us help you navigate those tough decisions... That's what we do!"

"Every business owner needs to get a grip on SEO. Yes, having a website is great, but if you can't get people to find it then you might as well not even have one."

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idaho website design - marketing

Website Design Packages: New website building packages.

How does it work:  We break all barriers in pricing and we never play “the shell game” that other Idaho SEO companies will play with you. We have affordable website design packages for every type of business. Your website is built with special care and attention to detail – we’re fast, talented, and affordable!

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free seo audit and website analysis

Free Website SEO Audit: How is your website SEO doing today?

How does it work:  We’ve created a special software that gives you feedback about your website. It pumps out a very informative report that we use to get back to you and let you know the strong and weak points concerning your website. Best of all, the tool is completely free to use.

Free 1 minute website audit!

the idaho business directory

Idaho Business Directory: Join now, it only takes about 15 minutes!

How does it work:  Join our large Idaho business directory and create a special place on the internet for your business. When Idaho consumers search our directory – they can see your business profile and go directly to your website or use your contact information.

Join the directory – today.

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Website Page Rentals: Instantly take our high Google rankings!

How does it work:  We make powerful external websites with 100s of top Google rankings. Then we allow our customers to “rent” those pages and take over our search engine listings. When customers click on a listing you’ve rented – they see YOUR website and not ours!

Steal our Google rankings now.

seo link building - backlinks - high google search engine rankings

SEO Link Building Packages: Climb to the top of Google rankings!

How does it work:  We use our talented staff to get a powerful array of “backlinks” pointing to your website. Google wants to see other sites pointing to your website and you really can’t rank high in search engine results without backlinks. Trust our “SEO JEDI” instincts – Feel the power of our backlinks!

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Google Map Pack Ranking: Does your website show in Google Maps?

How does it work:  Surely you’ve seen how Google displays map results for businesses in your local area for most of their searches. This is very powerful for your business, but Google only shows the TOP 3 results for searches. Our SEO pros can get you listed and push you higher in Google Map results.

Ask about Google Map SEO.

is your website google and mobile or smartphone device friendly

Mobile SEO Packages: Can Smartphones see your site?

How does it work:  About 75% of internet surfers are using Smartphones and tablets to access the internet today. This means that if your site is not “responsive” or “mobile ready” – they may not be able to see your site – and Google is probably penalizing you for it. We can make you “mobile friendly.”

Ask for Mobile SEO packages.

advanced seo backlinking - rank higher in google search engine results

Advanced Backlink Building: Dominate your competition in stealth mode!

How does it work:  Backlinks” make the internet go ’round (at least with Google). But getting backlinks is hard if you don’t know how and the wrong ones can make your site rankings drop. Let our SEO gurus take your website backlinks to all new and powerful levels and crush your competition today!

Ask for advanced link building.

social networking websites and video production

Video Creation – Production: WOW your audience with video!

How does it work:  We create professional videos for Idaho businesses to simplify your message to your customers. Let your customers “watch” what your company can do for them and spread your call to action across YouTube and Google search engine results. Our videos are fast and affordable!

Ask about video creation.

affordable seo search engine optimization

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: Get Maximum Visibility

How does it work:  You may have a great website and SEO plan already in place, but you’re still not getting the customers you need. Or, maybe you just want to CRUSH your competition and show up for even more online relevant search results. We can quickly set-up your Google Adwords or Bing Ads accounts!

Ask us about PPC ad plans.

reputation management on the internet

Reputation Management: Let us hide your bad online reviews.

How does it work:  Well, as you know, bad online reviews can really cramp your style and damage your business reputation. Sites like Yelp, Urban Spoon, and other review related websites will let just about anyone cry and complain about your site. We can push bad reviews lower in search engine rankings.

Ask for reputation management.

boost your boise google search engine rankings - get more online traffic

Website SEO Packages: Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

How does it work:  These SEO packages are for businesses that already have an existing website, but they’re just not getting the search engine rankings or the online traffic they deserve. Our SEO staff will examine your site, find weak spots, and then fill in the gaps with our strong SEO tactics and skills.

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"We specialize in getting websites to the top of Google." Let us help you get higher Google search engine rankings, new customers, and more sales!