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Let’s face it…Idaho is a beautiful place to live in or to visit! Everyone that takes time to visit our great state simply loves the beautiful country atmosphere and the slow to moderate pace of living.

We don’t have a lot of traffic jams, we don’t have a lot of crime, and we don’t even have a very big population. In fact, California has about 10 times (or more) people crammed into their freeways, their neighborhoods, and their busy city streets. ….But ask anyone who lives here and they’ll tell you that Idaho is the best kept secret in the country.


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Here, at the Idaho Business Directory, our goal is to showcase all of the best possible businesses in this great state – for all to see! Whether you’re an Idaho consumer or an Idaho business owner – we have something for you to do on our site!


For Idaho Consumers:

If you’re just visiting our site, you can click here to go to the main directory page. Once you’re there, you’ll begin to see our featured businesses, business categories and locations, and you should see recent ratings or reviews near the upper right hand corner of the page. Those reviews are from real Idaho consumers and citizens and you can join in and start giving your feedback today.


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Simply click on the “Sign Up” link on our main menu and you can join our site (for free) in less than five minutes of your time. Once you’re inside the back end of our site; you’ll see a console that shows you all of the things you can do on our site. You can also jump back out to our home page and begin conducting searches for local Idaho businesses for which you’d like to leave a rating or review. Note: You must be logged in as an active member to leave reviews on our site.

Reviews are meant to be constructive in nature; please see our site policies and terms of service before leaving any reviews or ratings so that you know what is expected of you as a member of our site. Also, be sure to read through our FAQs to be sure that we have not already answered your question.


For Idaho Business Owners:

If you own a business inside the state of Idaho, then you can choose from one of our advertising packages and create a listing on our website. As long as your listing conforms to our site policies then it only takes a matter of minutes for you to get an advertising package and to have your business listing page live on our site.

We’ve also designed a page that specifically tells you how to create your business listing – and we’ve made another page that tells you how to list classified ads on our site.

We’ll be very honest, the majority of Idaho websites that we’ve studied – do not have a lot of traffic, they do not rank well in search engines, and there are a lot of basic search engine optimization principles that they are not following on their site.

We can help business owners with that problem because they immediately get our search engine power and more visibility the moment they join our website and create a business listing.


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You see, Idaho consumers (as well as nearby states and other places in America) come to our site because we rank well in search engines and they like to see all Idaho businesses in the same place on the web. This keeps them from conducting multiple searches like this: Boise auto sales, Eagle auto sales, Nampa auto sales, etc.

…Instead, they can simply come to our site and conduct one basic search for “auto sales” – they can go to our “auto sales” business category, or they can look up auto sales by location and the places that are closest to them or their home town.


Own a business? Then…

• You need as much visibility on the internet as you can get.
• You know more customers are using the internet (and mobile devices) to find local businesses.
• You need that extra visibility at the absolute best advertising price you can get – to cut down on your overhead.
• You build more trust with your customers when they see you thriving on the internet.
• You need to be seen anywhere your competition is seen so they do not steal your customers.

If you’re not on the internet with a responsive and mobile ready website (like we offer you here) – then you lose the game and your competition will pass you by!


With The Idaho Business Directory:

• We give you more visibility on the internet because major search engines love our site.
• Our site is mobile device ready – so your customers can find you on their PC, their laptop, their cell phones and tablets.
No one beats our low advertising prices for loads of features, a crisp clean site, and an easy to use interface for our site visitors.
• Earn more trust from your customers by using our site to show them that you’re a strong and trusted business in Idaho.
• Your competition is here already – and therefore…you should be here too.


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Our advertising rates are less than $1 per day because we know all businesses need to start somewhere. We’ve been there before too and we’re not greedy about our web space. We’re here to help you get more online exposure across the internet, Idaho, and to put you on people’s cell phones and mobile devices when they’re out and ready to spend money.

If you’re an aggressive business owner that’s been advertising for more than a day or two – you know straight away that our low advertising costs are an incredible value and will pay for themselves the moment you gain a few new customers.


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Bottom line: Our site is here to stay and we hope that you take that step of faith and join us along the way. We are and will always be the premier Idaho Business Directory and a strong online platform for all Idaho businesses that choose to advertise with us!
> We’ll see you on the other side!